October 24th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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October 24th, 2016


Cuban Officials and Communist Party Members Can Now Get US Remittances and More
Nora Gámez Torres, MIAMI HERALD
With little fanfare, the US government recently amended regulations to allow Cuban government officials and members of the Communist Party to benefit from the softening of sanctions, including receiving cash remittances and other perks. The new beneficiaries include members of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), the Central Committee of the Communist Party (PCC) and other branches of the Cuban government.


China’s Xi Jinping Seeks Safety in Numbers—Or Else
Ahead of a top-level Communist Party conclave, Communist leader Xi Jinping is sending an unmistakable signal about what he expects from the tens of millions in the party’s ranks: total loyalty. As China’s ruling party braces for a year of intense political jostling ahead of a major leadership shuffle, its leader will brook no dissent within party ranks.


Budapest: 60 Years After the Uprising
For a few heady days in the autumn of 1956, Hungarians rose up and retook the streets from their Soviet hegemon. Soviet troops eventually reentered Budapest and crushed the uprising. But despite their eventual defeat, the Hungarian rebels of 1956 inflicted what would come to be known as “the first tear” in the Iron Curtain. Today, the exact locations of many of the most iconic photographs of the uprising can be determined, revealing that while politics have changed, the historic streets of Budapest remain remarkably similar.


Venezuela’s Food Prices Skyrocket as People Go Hungry
Patrick Gillespie and Osmary Hernandez, CNN MONEY
Earlier this year, Venezuelans suffered through acute food shortages. Now food is starting to reappear on more and more supermarket shelves. But the prices are prohibitive for almost everyone. It’s the latest reality in a country where people are going hungry: food within eyesight but out of reach.


In Vietnam, Telling the Truth Is Criminal “Propaganda
The Editorial Board, THE WASHINGTON POST
When Mr. Obama visited in May, it was clear that security cooperation and normalization of relations were on the front burner as the United States and Vietnam face an increasingly aggressive China. It is notable that Vietnam also agreed to economic and labor reforms required by the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But these are not sufficient. Vietnam also must free its people to blog, protest and speak out without fear.