November 3rd, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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November 3rd, 2016


New Communist Party Rules Call on Top Chinese Cadres to Inform on Each Other
The Communist Party issued two sets of guidelines and regulations tightening its grip on cadres’ political conduct on Wednesday, calling on members of the decision-making Central Committee to report on each other’s discipline violations. Communist leader Xi Jinping explained the new rules by saying that senior cadres should take the lead in setting a good example of political conduct.


Hong Kong Can Handle Politicians’ Legal Case Without Beijing: Lawyer
Venus Woo, REUTERS
A government lawyer said Thursday that Hong Kong can handle an unprecedented city government legal attempt to bar two newly elected legislators promoting independence from China. Media has reported the standing committee of China’s National People’s Congress, or parliament, would take up the issue when it meets in Beijing over coming days. The Standing Committee has interpreted the Basic Law four times since the city returned to Chinese rule in 1997, including once when neither the city government nor its courts requested it.


Bleak Choices for North Korea’s Women
Stay and endure a life of privation and oppression or escape and risk being sold into sexual slavery: this is the stark choice facing many women in North Korea, bestselling author and activist Hyeonseo Lee warns. “North Korean women and girls run a gauntlet of forced marriage, and sexual abuse, in China as a de facto requirement to escape to a third country,” says Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch in Asia. They are also trafficked as “forced brides,” usually sold to men in the countryside.


Communists Want Lenin on Russian Money to Celebrate October 1917 Centenary
A Communist Party MP wants coins minted and banknotes printed with portraits of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin as part of celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution. In a letter to the Central Bank, Valery Rashkin suggested the move would be supported by a large number of Russian citizens who still have nostalgic feelings about Soviet times.


Venezuela Stops Post Journalist, Other Correspondents from Entering Country
Venezuelan authorities stopped a Washington Post reporter at the Caracas airport late Monday night and denied him entry, in the latest case of blocking a foreign correspondent from covering the mounting political and economic turmoil in the South American country. Venezuela is mired in its worst recession in decades, and opposition groups have organized protests in recent weeks that have drawn hundreds of thousands of people.


Vietnam Police Arrest Anti-government Blogger
Vietnamese police on Wednesday detained a prominent blogger for distributing anti-state information, the latest in a crackdown on critics of the country’s Communist rulers. Ho Van Hai, 52, was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City and accused of “spreading information and documents on the internet that are against the government of the Social Republic of Vietnam,” according to a statement by Ho Chi Minh City police on their website.