November 28th, 2016 | Victims of Communism

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November 28th, 2016


4 Reasons Fidel Is Not Cool
Naphtali Rivkin, DISSIDENT
Those who support Fidel Castro should know why no victim of communism would praise this dictator.

The Dark Reality of Cuba’s Postcard Fantasy
Katarina Hall, DISSIDENT
Many advertisements present Cuba as a tropical paradise, but the truth is much different.

The 4 Ingredients of a Real Cuba Libre
Murray Bessette, DISSIDENT
A truly free Cuba requires four key ingredients: rule of law, democratic self-governance, free speech, and free enterprise.

A Cuban Hero Speaks
Sirley Ávila León, DISSIDENT
Hear the story of Cuban dissident Sirley León and discover the suffering she endured for speaking the truth under the Castro regime.

Cuba’s Forgotten 51 Prisoners of Conscience
While no one knows the exact number of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience, the following list of 51 prisoners compiled by Directorio represents a small fraction of all those oppressed and silenced by the communist regime.


Pope’s Possible Deal with China Would “Betray Christ,” Says Hong Kong Cardinal
Benjamin Haas and Tom Phillips, THE GUARDIAN
The most senior Chinese Catholic has slammed a potential rapprochement between the Vatican and Beijing, saying it would be “betraying Jesus Christ,” amid a thaw in more than six decades of bitter relations. Talk of a deal between the two sides has been building for months, with some saying the diplomatic coup for Pope Francis would be resolving the highly controversial issue of allowing China’s communist government to have a hand in selecting bishops.

Will Facebook Be China’s Propaganda Tool?
William Pesek, THE JAPAN TIMES 
Mark Zuckerberg’s universe of friends, shares, and pokes is doing just what many of us feared: working up a new Facebook-lite platform that enables censorship to a degree that Communist leader Xi might applaud. While access to China’s 1.4 billion people may be just what shareholders want to justify a price-to-earnings ratio of forty-seven to one, Facebook’s methods would be a great leap backward both for China and the social media world.


Cuba’s Strides Under Castro Offset by Decades of Repression, Reports Say
Joe Sterling, CNN
The relentlessly brutal legacy of political repression that marked Fidel Castro’s rule in Cuba offset and undermined his achievements, two major human rights groups said on Saturday. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch issued reports on the state of human rights in the Caribbean nation the day after Castro died at 90.

Cuban Dissidents Call Off Weekly March
Cuba’s most prominent dissident group has called off its traditional protest for the first time in 13 years following the death of the country’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. The Ladies in White say the decision is to avoid tensions. The group, founded by wives of jailed dissidents, has long defied a protest ban in Cuba with a weekly march. Cuban authorities say the Ladies in White are in the pay of the United States and form part of Washington’s “decades-old effort to undermine Cuba’s socialist revolution”.


North Korea Disseminating Regime Propaganda Via SNS Accounts
Kim Ga Joung, DAILY NK 
Twenty-four SNS (Social Network Service) accounts have been identified as officially operated by North Korea. North Korean propaganda outlets including “DPRK Today” are openly posting regime propaganda on popular platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Yuku and Instagram. The propaganda accounts are said to be posting three to ten articles per day, usually consisting of regime propaganda.

North Korea Calls 3-Day Mourning Period for Castro
North Korea is observing a three-day period of mourning for Fidel Castro, seen by the North as a rare comrade-in-arms against the common enemy of the United States. The North has ordered flags outside official buildings be flown at half-staff to honor Castro, the country’s state media reported Monday. The iconic Cuban leader died Friday at age 90.


Russia’s Establishment Bids Farewell to Fidel Castro, a Thorn in America’s Side
Moscow’s fascination with Castro extended beyond the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991. Nostalgia played a part of that. But more importantly, in nominally capitalist Russia, Castro remained a symbol of defiance to US influence abroad, and one that has meant more for Russia as tensions with the West have risen again. “Fidel Castro was a true and reliable friend of Russia,” President Vladimir Putin said Saturday. “He made an enormous personal contribution into the making and development of the Russian-Cuban relationship, of a close strategic partnership in all areas.”


In Russian-Occupied Crimea, “Wrong” Opinion Can Mean Jail
Suleiman Kadyrov is one of three Crimeans charged under a recent Russian law on “making public calls to action intended to violate the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation,” for their statements that Crimea is Ukrainian territory. Kadyrov, Umerov and Semena are not alone in their opinion about the status of Crimea. He could spend up to five years in prison for reposting a video and writing a comment under it on Facebook because it calls to free Crimea.