“VIETNAMERICA” Private Event

Victims of Communism — Memorial Foundation

“VIETNAMERICA” Private Event

The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the documentary film VIETNAMERICA. The event will begin with a private exhibit of the Newseum’s “Reporting Vietnam” and a reception hosted by Chef Wolgang Puck.

The screening will begin at 7:30pm, after which there will be a panel and Q&A session with the cast members, Prof. Lewis Sorley, Prof. Robert Turner, Gen. Viet Xuan Luong (TBC), Anh Nguyet Duong, Tran Tu Thanh, Thieu Dang, researcher, and producer Nancy Bui, the master of ceremony. Lieutenant Colonel Ross C. Nguyen, USA, Retired, and Pham Nguyen Linh Nguyet.

“After the Vietnam War, over 2 million Vietnamese people fled their homeland in search of freedom. Hundreds of thousands died even before reaching their destination. Forty years later, “VIETNAMERICA” follows martial arts Master Hoa Tien Nguyen’s return to Southeast Asia to search for the graves of his wife and two children. Having escaped on a boat with 75 of his family and friends, Hoa is the lone survivor. Throughout his return, Hoa and a diverse group of Vietnamese survivors as well as historical scholars explore the reasons for the Vietnamese diaspora. Today, Vietnamese Americans are the largest political refugee group in the United States.”

Ticket Information: Please call: Trinh Nguyen Phan: (571) 228-0689. Linh Truong: (757) 609-7228. We accept donations: $100 per supporter ticket and $200 per VIP ticket.

Oct 17, 2015
6:00pm — 9:00pm

Anneberg Theater at The Newseum , 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC