June 23, 2016

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June 23, 2016


Hollywood Starts Call For Meat Consumption Drop
Oscar Rousseau, GLOBAL MEAT
China has enlisted Arnold Schwarzenegger and film maker James Cameron to call for lower meat consumption, with the regime poised to tackle its environmental crisis. The world’s largest economy is also the world’s largest source of carbon emissions, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Meat production contributes to nearly 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, but China could slash its own emission output by 6 percent if the country’s billion-plus citizens radically reduce meat consumption.

Rising Star From Chinese Communist Party’s Youth League Tipped To Become Provincial Governor
A rising political star from the Communist Youth League is tipped to be the governor of Jiangsu province in eastern China before a major power reshuffle in autumn next year. Yang Yue will first be named executive vice-governor of the province and a standing member of the provincial party committee in the near future, replacing an official who was recently placed under a graft investigation.


‘The Totalitarian Regime Is Intact’: One Cuban’s Message To Obama
Uri Friedman, THE ATLANTIC
Earlier this month, Ben Rhodes, the architect of Barack Obama’s diplomatic opening to Cuba, characterized the full restoration of US-Cuban relations—in other words, Congress lifting the US travel ban and trade embargo against the island—as inevitable and imminent. It would be the next domino to fall after the first US presidential visit to Cuba in 88 years, the first authorization of commercial flights from America to Cuba in five decades, the first sales of Cuban coffee to the U.S. market, and so on.


North Korea Promotes ‘Self-Produced’ IT Products
North Korea promoted “self-designed” and “self-made” IT products, which it said are flourishing in domestic IT markets, through a video uploaded by a state-run media outlet. With their products varying from plasma display televisions to laptops, the officials from the North Korean IT company Blue Sky (Phurunhanul) emphasized the quality of their products and the importance of using home-made products over imported ones.


Ukraine’s Secret Service Reveals Hidden Archives Of Soviet Regime
Numerous Ukrainian citizens have rushed to search for their disappeared relatives, since the Ukraine’s Security Service opened the archives of Soviet communist regime. During the mass repressions the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (“NKVD”) and Committee for State Security of USSR (“KGB”) arrested thousands of Ukrainians with their further deportation to the far north. Now each and every citizen is entitled to look through the numerous files to find the relatives, once swallowed by Soviet communist machine.


Activist And Writer Is Venezuela’s Latest Political Prisoner
Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, CHICAGO TRIBUNE
It has now been over 36 hours since Francisco “Pancho” Marquez Lara (a political activist and contributor to Democracy Lab, which is an online partnership between the Legatum Institute and Foreign Policy magazine), along with his friend and colleague Gabriel San Miguel, were detained by Venezuelan national guardsmen after a traffic stop on a rural highway. The two men’s documents were in order, but their car contained political posters and opposition paraphernalia.