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Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Once Again Imprisoned By Beijing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 17, 2018 **MEDIA ADVISORY** HONG KONG ACTIVIST JOSHUA WONG ONCE AGAIN IMPRISONED BY BEIJING Nonviolent pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong has been sentenced to prison—again—for his role in the 2014 Umbrella Revolution Josha Wong, a 21-year-old student activist, civil society leader, and democracy advocate in Hong Kong, has been given another jail […]

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VOC Condemns Political Persecution Of Memorial Activist In Russia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 10, 2018 **MEDIA ADVISORY** VOC CONDEMNS POLITICAL PERSECUTION OF MEMORIAL ACTIVIST IN RUSSIA Oyub Titiev, a regional director of the Russian human rights NGO Memorial, is being tried on spurious charges by Putin crony Ramzan Kadyrov Oyub Titiev, a regional director of Memorial, was arrested by state security in the Russian […]

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Tibetan Dissident Tashi Wangchuk To Stand Trial On Thursday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 3, 2018 **MEDIA ADVISORY** TIBETAN DISSIDENT TASHI WANGCHUK TO STAND TRIAL ON THURSDAY Tashi Wangchuk is a shopkeeper who was arrested while campaigning to protect the Tibetan language and culture under Chinese occupation Tashi Wangchuk is a 31-year-old activist who sought to expose the systematic suppression and subversion of Tibetan culture […]

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Diplomatic Hotline Reopened Between North And South Korea

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 3, 2018 **MEDIA ADVISORY** DIPLOMATIC HOTLINE REOPENED BETWEEN NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA Any dialogue with the communist dictatorship in Pyongyang must press accountability for the crimes of the Kim regime On Wednesday, North and South Korea reactivated a previously-closed telephone hotline in the village of Panmunjom on the 38th Parallel. This […]

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Despite Promised “Reform,” Cuban Regime Still Assaults Dissident Artists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DECEMBER 21, 2017 **MEDIA ADVISORY** DESPITE PROMISED “REFORM,” CUBAN REGIME STILL ASSAULTS DISSIDENT ARTISTS VOC calls on the communist regime in Havana to release Lia Villares and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara Once again, the so-called “reforms” of the Cuban communist regime have proven to be empty promises. Raúl Castro and his henchmen […]

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Five Years After His Kidnapping, Lao Civil Society Activist Still Missing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DECEMBER 15, 2017 **MEDIA ADVISORY** FIVE YEARS AFTER HIS KIDNAPPING, LAO CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVIST STILL MISSING VOC calls on the communist regime in Laos to disclose the whereabouts of Sombath Somphone Five years ago today, the Lao entrepreneur and civil society activist Sombath Somphone was kidnapped. He has not been seen or […]

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Victims of Communism Org Launches Petitions To List Antifa As Terrorists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 30, 2017 **MEDIA ADVISORY**   VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM ORG LAUNCHES PETITIONS TO LIST ANTIFA AS TERRORISTS Washington, DC – The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) has started a petition calling upon the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to officially designate certain groups affiliated with the Antifa movement as domestic terrorist […]

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Trump Administration Must Turn Principles Into Actions And Call For Release Of Liu Xia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 21, 2017 **MEDIA ADVISORY** TRUMP ADMINISTRATION MUST TURN PRINCIPLES INTO ACTIONS AND CALL FOR RELEASE OF LIU XIA  The administration achieved the release of three American college basketball players, but Liu Xia is still held under “house arrest” and needs medical treatment Liu Xia, widow of murdered Chinese poet, dissident, and Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, is languishing […]

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Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation Applauds Trump Administration Listing North Korea As A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 20, 2017 **MEDIA ADVISORY** VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION APPLAUDS TRUMP ADMINISTRATION LISTING NORTH KOREA AS A STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM The North Korean regime has long been engaged in terrorist activity and does business other terrorist groups The Trump administration has declared that the North Korean regime will join Iran, […]

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